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Our recommened model plan

The indicated plans are samples. We can make quotations and arrangements to suit the guests’s preferences, budget, size of the party.
*Please let us know your budget, the size of your party, the places you wish to go, the mode of transportation you will avail, whether you will need a guide and other preferences in the Quotation

Our Model plan

Recommened Services Reputation Details
modelplan1 ★★★★★ 7-day Tour to Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka
Day Itinerary
Day1 Morning:Guest arrive at KANSAI International airport.
*Driver wait guest at exit of arrival floor(after through customs) with sign paper of guest name.
Then driver takes guest to their car.
After guest arrive OSAKA , LOCAL ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE meet guest and start sightseeing of OSAKA & KYOTO, then she will take care till check-in at HOTEL in KYOTO.
Transfer service to OSAKA city center about taking 01 hour.
Arrive at OSAKA, and English speaking guide gets on charter car, then starting city tour by charter car & English speaking guide.
Guest can experience as following valuable sight point in OSAKA.
NAMBA area, short time walking
On the way to private tour, guide take short lunch time at any coffee shop (Payment is by guest, themselves)
The end of private tour in OSAKA, proceed to HOTEL in KYOTO with English speaking guide about taking 01 hour.
Arrive at HOTEL in KYOTO, and check in HOTEL with support of guide.
Dinner is by themselves.
Over night in KYOTO
Day2 Buffet breakfast at hotel& check-out.
English speaking guide & charter car come to HOTEL, then starting city tour of old traditional town KYOTO , with charter car & English speaking guide.
Guest can experience as following valuable sight point in KYOTO.
NIJYO CASTLE(Enter),Golden Pavilion(Enter),Ryoanji Temple(Enter),Gion area,short time walking,Kiyomizu Temple
On the way to private tour, guide take short lunch time at any typical Japanese style cafe shop (payment is by guest temselves) The end of private tour in KYOTO .
Charter car service is finished.
English speaking guide taking care for guest to getting on SHINKANSEN TRAIN.
Guest get on “SHINKANSEN-the most high speed train in JAPAN.
Arrive at ODAWARA station, Our staff wait guest at platform with sign paper is written guest’s name.
Our staff take guest to local train platform,Local train departure to HAKONE YUMOTO.
Arrive at HAKONE YUMOTO station,and our staff take guest to HOTEL by arrangement shuttle bus.
Guest accommodate typical Japanese traditional style hotel through 02 nights.
Dinner is included accommodation and it is so good quality buffet cuisine.
Inside building, guest can wear unlined cotton kimono called “YUKATA” (YUKATA is useful for both loungewear or sleepwear). And guest experience typical traditional hot spring bathing called “ONSEN”.
Room type will be “TATAMI “ floor type, instead of bed using.
Japanese bedding (we call it “FUTON”) is put down on tatami floor, and guest sleep on the FUTON.
Room is Japanese style room (TATAMI FLOOR ROOM).
Our staff help & explain guest, how wear “YUKATA”, how enjoy “ONSEN” , and other manners at this traditional type accommodation.
There are so many different type culture & service, in case guest accommodate this type , but guest do not have to worry ,everything will be cared by our staff.
Over night in HAKONE YUMOTO,
Day3 Buffet breakfast at hotel
One day HAKONE excursion by using “HAKONE FREE PASS TICKET” with our staff guiding whole day.
There are so many natural beautiful & historical points in HAKONE area.
Guest visit popular point with our staff’s guiding.
Gust will get on climb train, cable railway,gondola,pleasure boat at lake “ASHINOKO”, mountain local bus, etc.
*Now points of “sulfur spring for hot spring” area called “OWAKUDANI”, it is impossible to visit, because of possibility volcanic eruption.
The gondra proeed to "OWAKUDANI" is completely stopped.
But guest can enjoy at LAKE AHINOKO, while guest get on pleasure boat, they can see “MOUNT FUJI” is very famous as it is called the most beautiful mountain in the world, if the weather condition is fine.
Also, guest visit old barrier near the lake is important for our history.
Lunch is buckwheat noodles we call “SOBA”.
“SOBA” is also our essential food, as same as “RAMEN”
There are some good “SOBA” restaurant in HAKONE , and it s so nice with eating with “TEMPURA-prawns deep‐fried in batter”. Guest experience eating “ SOBA with TEMPURA”.
Evening time, back to HAKONE YUMOTO(HOTEL’s place) , and enjoy hot spring, slowly & relax, and buffet diner again.
Over night in HAKONE YUMOTO
Day4 Buffet breakfast at hotel , then check-out.
Until departure time, guest can enjoy shopping surrounding hot spring resort area.
There are so many souvenir shop , because HAKONE is the most popular sightseeing area, not only for foreign tourist, but also Japanese tourist, especially living surrounding TOKYO.
Guest can buy many kind handy goods and food for gift.
*Regarding food gift, our staff buy local traditional sweet there, and guest can taste it.
Before getting on t“ROMANCE CAR-Limited Express train” , our staff buy Japanese style packed lunch box is called “EKIBEN” for guest.
Japanese like to buy “EKIBEN” with green tea, at any train station, and usually eat inside train long distance moving. As there are many kinds “EKIBEN” box, guest choose what they want to eat, and guest have it inside train with green tea. Guest get on special train for tourist called “ROMANCE CAR-Limited Express train” from HAKONEYUMOTO STATION to SHINJUKU STATION (CENTER OF TOKYO) with our staff together.
Limited Express "Romance car" is very convenience & comfortable coach , guest can be relax enough.
Arrive at SHINJUKU station, then our staff take guest to HOTEL is located near SHINJUKU STATION.
After check-in HOTEL, guest put on their luggage in their room, then our staff take guest to “EDO TOKYO MUSEUM” by using urban train.
Guest enjoy “EDO TOKYO MUSEUM” by using English earphone guide system.
This museum display many kinds of valuable goods mainly 16-18 century in TOKYO (TOKYO was called “EDO” before) Guest can know many old style Japanese culture inside museum with English earphone guide system. EDO TOKYO MUSEUM
Our staff take guest their hotel by urban train.
Our staff take guest to “okonomiyaki” -a meat (seafood) and vegetable pancake, and “monjyayaki”- different type popular food , by grilled on a hot iron plate at the table.
Our staff take care for baking, grill, and making till complete tasty food, never mind. Guest can choose & eat some kinds of “OKONOMIYAKI” & “MONJYAYAKI”. Over night in TOKYO.
Day5 Buffet breakfast at hotel
Our staff meet guest and take to pick up point of bus excursion tour. (Our staff take guest by using train) Guest enjoy half day excursion tour “Tokyo Morning Tour” is English speaking guide ”
Please check as following is introduced details of the half day tour.
HALF DAY joint tour
The end of this tour at TOKYO central train station (MARUNOUCHI SOUTH EXIT).
Our staff wait guest the ending place, and take guest to the most fashionable town in TOKYO named “SHIBUYA” by using urban train.
In SHIBUYA, our staff take guest to “SUSHI restaurant” which guest can choose and take plate turn around on the belt.
This style sushi restaurant have been popular not only JAPAN, but also all over the world.
Japanese self- taking plate sushi restaurant is very good estimation for foreign traveller, and guest can have many kinds fresh sushi, there.
As our staff taking care & explain everything, guest enjoy lunch without confusing.
After lunch, free time in exciting town SHIBUYA.
There are so many kinds of shops, some huge department store .
Guest can enjoy shopping and we present shop catalogue in SHIBUYA is written in ENGLISH.
Our staff take guest where they would like to visit in SHIBUYA.
Dinner at typical Japanese “RAMEN” eating place where is so popular.
“RAMEN” is not kinds of Chinese food, even though it is called “chines noodle” in English language.
“RAMEN” is completely different any kinds of “Chinese noodle”,and it is our essential popular food.
After eating RAMEN, our staff take guest to HOTEL by using urban train. Over night in TOKYO.
Day6 Buffet breakfast at hotel
Check out & our staff meet with guest.
Then our staff take care guest where they would like to visit (taking care of any kinds of tickets, and other support)
And taking care for their lunch & dinner (It is included, and guest do not have to pay) by typical meal (Basically, serve guest what they would like to eat.)
*it is not included public transfer & entraance fee, wherever they go and enter, also staff's expense, too.
Transfer service from check-out HOTEL to airport hotel near NARITA international airport , about taking 01 hour 45 minutes.
Arrive at HOTEL near airport & check-in by themselves.
Day7 Buffet breakfast at hotel.
Guest can use free airport shuttle bus to NARITA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

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All our tours can be fully customised to satisfy your unique needs and interests. As a starting point we have some past itineraries to give you some ideas. These are great tours in themselves that our customers have enjoyed which you can use, or feel free to let us know where your interests lie and we can design a new one just for you.

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